About Us

O'Brien Cloud Engineering Limited is a boutique consulting company for your web and software development, IT, and cloud computing needs. We cater to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), sole traders and startups.

We have over 30 years of combined experience in small, medium and large companies and bring in depth expertise in wealth of technologies and solutions ready to be tailored to your specific needs.

We're friendly, approachable, and happy to help out no matter how much or how little guidance you need. You can hire us for shorter or longer periods, part time or full time, or just have us on retainer ready to jump whenever you need a hand.

The Team

When we say boutique we mean it. Our team is only two people! Let this not dissuade you - we are very seasoned and super efficient. We also have a broad network of other professionals we trust so if there's something we can't help you with, we'll find you someone who can.

JJ O'Brien

JJ's a business-first technologist passionate about lean and cost-effective solutions. She's a staunch believer in delivering Goldilocks "just right" implementations. Runs a tight ship.

To learn more about JJ's background, experience and technologies she likes to work with click here

Tom O'Brien

Tom is a seasoned engineer and developer who focuses on creating efficient and robust cloud-native applications. He believes everything can be automated.

To learn more about Tom's background, experience and technologies he likes to work with click here

Why choose us?

We are the technology nerds so you don't have to be. We excel in clear, accessible communication to help you make business decisions with confidence.

We speak your language

No, we don't just mean English! We speak the language of business. We believe that your business goals come first - and the technology that helps you achieve those goals can be often beyond the point. We will help you choose solutions that help you reach your business goals and support you along the way whichever they may be.

We're cost-conscious

Not every business out there is awash with venture capital money and can afford to spend first and earn second. Actually, most are not! We're very attuned with businesses who wish to run their services in a lean and efficient manner. We'll help you look after your TCO (total cost of ownership) and ROI (return on investment) at every step of the way. This may mean saving you hard cash or saving you time so you can focus on what's important to you.

We're happy to teach

We've trained, taught, ran workshops, and wrote articles and documentation for both very technical people and not technical at all. We are happy to teach you what you need to know and help you ramp up. We'll keep the jargon to a minimum and help you if you get stuck.

We adapt to you

We won't lie to you - we can't possibly know everything that there is to know about cloud computing and software. There's just too much of it! But we keep abreast of technology news, keep learning as the systems evolve, and will also adapt to whatever solutions you have already chosen and implemented. We're fast learners and we're at your service.

We bring value

Our goal above all is to bring value to your business by building, implementing, automating, configuring, or just de-mystifying the technology that's available to you. We'll save you time, grease the wheels, and help you stay on track.

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