JJ O'Brien

JJ has had a varied experience across the service and tech industry in small, medium and large companies. Over the years she has developed a keen eye for opportunities to optimise business processes and alleviate challenges in organisations with judicious use of technology solutions, both custom and off-the-shelf. Simply put JJ is keenly aware that most problems are business problems first, technology problems second.

JJ has worked on a vast range of on-premise and cloud systems and platforms. While she doesn't go looking for nor invites problems she loves solving them when they occur, thrives when faced with a challenge or interesting constraint, and has led more incident response situations than she can count.

What sets her apart from her peers in the technology industry is that she tends to enjoy the parts of technology stack and business processes that others don't: monitoring and observability, reporting, standardising and automation, documentation, and producing repeatable robust results.

If you're worried what compliance and industry standards actually mean for you in practice you should probably get in touch!

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